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A stream of feelings

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A stream of feelings

Hi everybody,

my 1st day here: lots of emotions (all good, big smile on my face:-)). Making some progress, enjoying it, tired, need some sleep, wanted to share just before knocking myself out for good:-).

1) it is FUN! Big applause to the CREATOR!

2) Python vs. riddle_part:

I read the guestbook today, lol'ed on one specific entry: one guy says "solved them all using MS Word" (!:- Isn't it brilliant?).
-- My feelings exactly: don't get challenged by the python part (so far), but the riddles are riddling!..:-).
Never solved any riddles (and always hated interview puzzles) in the past: anybody on the same boat?..

3) Forum:
I *DON'T* want to read any hints here! Please erase the Forum!!!:-).
... But if it still exists tomorrow? HOW?!?:-) It's too tempting.......

So far, I managed to avoid looking at any "concrete" folders; but: the temptation!..:-)
How do you guys approach this purely psychotherapeutical problem?..:-).
Is there a "How2GetLifeAndNotBreakYourScullOverAPuzzle.html" guide somewhere?..
// I am absolutely serious:-)

4) ESL.
* You've got all data (say: [a word, another word, and a phrase]):
// eg {A:<title>, B:<url>, C:<smth_else>};
* clearly there's a relationship between say A and C -- but seemingly no association between (A,B, and C);
* and of course in an English dictionary any of A,B, and C has at least 6 definitions.

-- anybody got this feeling?
-- anybody feels that (s)he is missing smth. BIG just because of the cultural (language) barrier?
I mean, it's almost immediately clear under circumstances that one has better slip his slippers and flip her flippers, but what do the other ~entities~ do here?
A bit of a relaxation comes to you when you find out that a search engine or smth. like google sets gets completely stuck as well on making any reasonable connection too:-).
// cucumber is just fine - pythonic; but some seem a bit of a challenge (just ESL-wise).

Any stats/ideas on E. vs. not-so-E. people?

5) would be nice to get in touch with just people in the same situation, -- not spoiling anybody else's fun.
Private messages? -- but my guess is there's no "who stuck on what" histogram; is there?

THANKS (for reading such a long post:-))!

- Ochchnzbmbw.

PS: would be lovely to get to the webserver logs of this site one day and datamine the hell of the community's brain out of them:-).


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Re: A stream of feelings

Until then, you can stream album opener "Hard Feelings," pavement bruiser
"Trans Canada," AND the wide-eyed "I Will Not Sing A Hateful Song.

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