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level 4 re's - to compile or not to compile?

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level 4 re's - to compile or not to compile?

Would compiling a re.search pattern for question 4 increase the efficiency / performance? I'm guessing it would help as it is reused over and over to parse the 'next nothing'.

But how much performance does compiling re's give? When should you compile a re and when not?

Thanks in advance :)


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Compiling res

Compiling res helps performance, but I'm pretty sure the biggest bottleneck you have on level 4 is the network traffic, which gives you a bigger performance penalty than uncompiled re... I usually use re.findall as it's easy and straight forward.

Like a great mind once said (Knuth, I'm pretty sure):
"Premature optimization is the root of all evil"...

Ben Blank

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Compile your regexes when they're complex and used many thousands of times in tight loops. In challenge 4, the regex is simple and used a few hundred times in a slow loop. The bottleneck is the Internet, not your regex. :-)

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