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Level 21

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Post Mon Nov 05, 2007 11:50 pm

oiffrig wrote:If something you try doesn't have any effect, look a bit more, you've maybe just missed it.

Well ... that got me farther ... I've got the ((6,3),(10,3)...) series ...

just can't figure out where to go next ... which hint would be best ?


... NEVER MIND ... Found it ... bleeding obvious. Makes me feel rusty like an old penny.


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Post Fri Dec 07, 2007 2:49 am

I am still stuck with my l's. I think I know what I should do with them (there is a certain level people have hinted at), but things just don't fit. I believe that I need rows of equal length, but the obvious rows I get vary in length. I even tried to look forwards and backwards in several combinations at my l's, but nothing I can think of would sum up to equal lengths.

I have the message "look at your l's", and my sequence starts the same way as people have posted here, but maybe I did not collect my l's correctly? It would be great if I could compare my l's with someone else's -- please PM me if you are willing to help me.

I'm stuck with this level for weeks now and I'd like to go on...

EDIT: Ok, finally got it with some help. The rows are not exactly of same length, but nearly, I could have noticed earlier... As someone mentioned, bees are black. I only realize now how much there is in that hint.

This level has been the most difficult for me. Let's see what level 22 brings...


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Led astray

The (6,3),(10,3) sequence often mentioned here is misleading. There are three kinds of l's to keep track of, and runs of them don't need to be counted.


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Slammy wrote:Hello and Happy New Year 2007 :)

I'm completely at a loss here for several days now.
the "WHY IT DOESN'T COMPRESS." led me to two options :
- crypto
- compression
I'm now trying to get an idea of the encryption of it but I'm not even sure I'm on the right track :S

If someone can give a hand, would be much appreciated.

I used the 1950 hint and 2 modules ( z... and b..) a couple of times, got the 'look at your..' message, got a 6,3,10,3,6,8,4 sequence.
And now I'm stuck :)

Edit :
As I have the luck to work in the same place as someone who solved it, I was sent to the right direction ...

BEES ARE BLACK or BEES ARE STARS could help indeed.

This one did it for me :D
Thanks, Slammy!

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