Post Sun Sep 11, 2005 4:48 am

Learning Python; level 33 link

Hi to all,
I am new to python. I discovered python challenge and arrived to level 15.

I am writing here because I am not interested in solving these riddles. Or, to be more precise, I like to solve these riddles but my goal is to learn python. I noticed that in some levels you have to use the python image library and I am not interested to this. All I want to do is learn the language and make practice with standard modules.

So, my request is: can anyone give me the url of level 33 (or the most advanced you are facing)? So I can access to all the solutions in the wiki and I can skip levels with image processing or similar tasks that I don't like. For example, I liked very much level 12 (or 13?) where you have to solve the Morris sequence, and I was stuck there for some days but it was useful. But for the levels with image processing I was bored and one of my friend gave me a helping hand.

I think you cand send me the url as a private message, so we'll not disturb the other challengers.

Thanks in advance,
Mister Light

P.S. Please, help me, I found this site very useful in order to learn Python. Don't stop me... :cry: