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Level 11

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I see that people are talking about splitting the image. I'm not quite sure how to split the image other than the obvious method. I used that but get 3 images instead of 4 like everyone else has been getting.

Any hints would be appreciated.


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This makes no sense atm.

I know the functions, I have toyed with them, not sure how to extract what I need from the second clue. I guess it'll have to wait till I get home and use photo editing tools.

I started out liking the finctionality of Python but the lack of decent documentation leaves alot to be desired.


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i t ' s   a l l   a b o u t   p i x e l s .

g o o d   l u c k !



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yes it is

it is about PIXELs.

and you will get 2 pictures.

If you've got 4 Pictures, think about getting pixels.


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I really like this site and its challenges but... i think you should change this one. riddle get spoiled when a concrete linux file manager thumbnails the img (and maybe with many others)... you don't even have to think a little bit solution just get revelead. if want to know the file manager that revealed me the word ask by pm.


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Hated this level

This is a really bad level with very bad hints.

I've passed this level only by brute-forcing it and trying lots of things. I have two Python scripts which give me the answer, but there's very little in the puzzle to encourage me to ever write those particular scripts.

I saw a mention of 'contrast' in this thread-- that concerns me that perhaps I wasted hours when the answer would have been visible in one of my first solution attempts (when I noticed interesting things regarding the pixels and worked around that).

Also I noticed there were 3 hint "words" provided for the puzzle, but one of them seemed not to be any sort of hint at all. Perhaps if I had solved this 'properly', I'd understand better, but I'm not putting any more effort into this frustrating level after having solved it in a weird form that surely just happened to result in the answer.

Now I'm off to 12 which looks even less likely to provide useful hints. It makes me sad because I want to recommend the challenge to newbies, but given how little Python there is versus "psychic puzzle-solving", it makes me hesitant to do so.


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Re: Level 11

Actually you don't even need one line of code. Photoshop, GIMP or somethign should be enough

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