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Transfer WU Professional V1pro - CCV - Paypal Verified

Transfer WU Professional V1pro-CCV-Paypal Verified

Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm Jennifer Uyen Vuong - Spokesman of Vi1tf Group - Hacker group from Vietnam. After a period of research and development, today we released the latest software product of V1tf Group: ---- Western Union Transfer Software Professional Version.V1pro Latest Updates ---- please take a few your minutes to learn about it.
Who we are and how to contact us?
- Vi1tf Group was founded in early 2013 by the hacker from Vietnam, specializing in researching and exploring the fault of Western Union.
- Contact us at the following address:

+ Yahoo: vi1tfgroup
+ Email:
+ Gmail:
+ ICQ: 696500560
+ Phone(Contact to know phone number)

What's Western Union Transfer Software Professional Version.V1pro and Western Union transfer money online with servers via accounts's customer. So why can we break the rules ?
Log In => Connect => Setting up
- SAL - Scanners Active Login - Detect gaps error log quickly and log in via a fake account is constantly changing.
- After successful login, a series of Disable Security Code - DSC - with hidden state, will be transmitted quickly and break protective wall of each security WU server, perform steps stealth connections, blinded all security personnel of WU server.
- The interaction and synchronization between Software Vi1pro and WU server is set, the information needed to establish a cash receipts automation into a legitimate orders, after 10-15 minutes will be resent a transaction summary from WU.

With Western Union Transfer Software Professional Version V1pro, what's we offer for you ?
- We accept Transfer WU on all countries have representative offices of WU.
- Due to legality, we only accept orders from $ 2.000 to $ 7.500.
- The cost you pay suit your conditions, ranges from 9% to 15%.
- To facilitate long-term cooperation to work for you, with the transfer orders have higher value, we will charge lower.

What information do we need from you and how long you will get MTCN?
Your information need to creat MTCN include:
- First name:
- Last name:
- City:
- Country:
- Zipcode:
Do not lose your time, as soon as we start work, just from 10 - 15 minutes, you will get MTCN.

How you can trust us ?
- We always work on the basis of clear to build customer trust.
- When we creat MTCN for you complete, we will get a transaction summary and a mail with all information need to pick up money from WU, we will send all for you check with screenshot (will be obscured by 3 digits of MTCN)
- You only payment after check screenshot complete from us.

Here is the price list with service charges:
- Orders $ 2000 - $ 300 Transfer fee - Equivalent to 15% charge (You will get MTCN + Sender's information + Security question)
- Orders $ 3000 - $ 400 Transfer fee - Equivalent to 13% charge (You will get MTCN + Sender's information + Security question)
- Orders $ 4500 - $ 500 Transfer fee - Equivalent to 11% charge (You will get MTCN + Sender's information + Security question)
- Orders $ 6500 - $ 600 Transfer fee - Equivalent to 9% charge (You will get MTCN + Sender's information + Security question)
* Priority orders for customers was transfer the time first with $ 6.500
- Orders $ 7500 - $ 225 Transfer fee - Equivalent to ONLY 3% (You will get MTCN + Sender's information + Security question)

Besides, we also specialize in providing Credit Card Verify (CCV) hight balance and Paypal account Verified US. and UK

* Paypal account:
- Our Paypal is account type: Premier with status: Verified, balance always very hight
- Log in and send screenshot for customer check before payment
US Paypal account:
- Paypal account $ 1000 have price $ 150
- Paypal account $ 3000 have price $ 200
- Paypal account $ 6000 have price $ 350
UK Paypal account:
- Paypal account GBP 1000 have price $ 200
- Paypal account GBP 2500 have price $ 300
- Paypal account GBP 5000 have price $ 450

* Credit Card Verify (CCV):
- Ccv good and fresh, live 100%
- Check live before send for customer
- Discount price if customer buy bulk
- If Ccv not good, customer can request change new Ccv around 3 hrs
- Minimum order is 5 Ccv
US Ccv:
- Visa,master:4$/1 - Amex,Discover:5$/1 - Fullz:20$/1
UK Ccv:
- Visa,master:8$/1 - Amex,Discover:12$/1 - Fullz:30$/1
CA Ccv:
- Visa,master:12$/1 - Amex,Discover:14$/1 - Fullz:40$/1
EU Ccv:
- Visa,master:15$/1 - Amex,Discover:17$/1 - Fullz:50$/1
AU Ccv:
- Visa,master:18$/1 - Amex,Discover:20$/1 - Fullz:60$/1

Some our principles:
- If you feel you can not trust us, please do not disturb.
- we only accept orders of at least $ 2.000, the order value be less will never acceptable.
- We only accept payment in advance, you will pay after check screenshot from us.
- We do not accept other problems, only WU transfer service, not receiving SPAM and scammer.
- We do not accept communications via audiovisual devices such as phones, webcams.
- We only accept payment with WU ( Western Union ) and PM ( Perfect Money )

Thanks your concern for us - Vi1tf Group.