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Level 2 - better way?

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Level 2 - better way?

Looking to learn here. I solved it but did a little brute force doing it, which I'm sure is incorrect. Anyone got a better solution they're willing to share to help us all learn?

#First, saved text out to a file so I could view it easier.
#Read in file contents.
MyFile = file("C:/MyFile.txt", "r")
LongString = MyFile.read()

#spoilers follow in ROT-13:

cevag ybatfgevat.genafyngr(fgevat.znxrgenaf("!@#$%^&*()+[]{}_\n"," ")).ercynpr(" ","")


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*** Spoilers ***

Knowing that the answer would likely be text (using that intuition that sometimes makes us better than machines), I did the equivalent of s/[^a-z]//mig.

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