Post Wed Oct 06, 2010 12:43 pm

Re: Level 15

Concise list of hints that helped me solve it:

the day isn't the circled day but the next.

the year is constrained by 1**6 and something else (check out february in the bottom right)

when calculating the applicable years its good to know of the datetime.isoweekday() (1=monday, ...) and calendar.isleap(year) functions. I tried to calculate stuff myself and ended up with an incorrect year list.

keep in mind the 'second youngest' hint when deciding which year to use. Think about it as if someone were BORN in the given years and how you would rank then from youngest to oldest.

As of today (October 6, 2010) when I googled it as "January 2* 1**6" the first word of the first result was the answer.

good luck!